Welcome to SteakHut

The Liquidity Layer of Web3
SteakHut Finance is the liquidity layer of Web3. SteakHut offers a diverse portfolio of tools for individuals, institutions, and protocols to unlock the full potential of DeFi.
$STEAK, our governance token benefits from revenue rewards generated by the protocol.
SteakHut liquidity is a first-of-a-kind decentralized market-making platform creating active liquidity management solutions on top of Trader Joe's Liquidity Book.
Users can access a range of liquidity provisions from passive to actively managed strategies, taking the work and complexity out of their liquidity management and automating the process for complete efficiency.
SteakHut also works with leading protocols across Web3 to help facilitate deep, efficient liquidity for everyone's favorite tokens.
SteakHut Liquidity makes managing your concentrated liquidity easy on Trader Joe's Liquidity Book.
SteakHut allows Trader Joe farmers to earn trading fees and claim boosted $JOE rewards without accumulating veJOE themselves.
Users can also choose to Zap their $JOE with the SteakHut protocol to earn $STEAK emissions. $JOE tokens are then blackholed by the protocol and staked to accumulate further veJOE.
In essence, SteakHut allows you to enjoy boosted yields on your Trader Joe farming, even if you don't own any JOE.
SteakHut is Avalanche's low-cost accessible yield aggregation protocol. Access a range of low-cost vault strategies that automatically generate yield and frequently auto-compound your rewards.
This benefits farmers with higher APYs, not requiring active management and lower gas fees.