Manager Functions

Strategies created with a keeper account can configure a number of key parameters within the strategy.

The keeper and owner are the key trusted entities within the Strategy. In order to be Whitelisted the Owner should be set to the SteakHut Master MultiSig Address. Whilst the keeper role may be maintained by a manager.

The keeper may control and alter the underlying TraderJoe Dex V2 position. Users should always review who holds the keeper role and perform due diligence on this role holder. (SteakHut will vet these keepers before whitelisting)

One should only put funds into "managed" vaults if they have some information about the manager account: the manager could be fully controlled by a DAO (token voting), or could simply be a project's multi-sig, or be locked in a smart contract that automates rebalances under a certain codified strategy, or be trusted by the user for some other reason.

More on this is coming very soon!

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