SteakHut for DEX V2 Pools

Making concentrated liquidity easy.

SteakHut Liquidity allows users to easily automate and optimize liquidity on Trader Joe V2, The Liquidity Book.

Concentrated Liquidity can be difficult for liquidity providers. Users now have to select their liquidity ranges and rebalance and reinvest their rewards up to multiple times per day. SteakHut Liquidity does this for you, allowing you to get the most out of your tokens.

Deposit your Tokens with SteakHut and enjoy:

What are the Fees

SteakHut Liquidity operates a performance fee between 5-20%

SteakHut's focus is on delivering low fees and large returns to liquidity providers. This fee is variable between 5% - 20% and will depend on the token pair and the pooling strategy you are deposited in. For more information refer to Fees and Rewards.

For a fee breakdown on your strategy select "Information" on your strategy within the SteakHut dApp.

Depositing tokens into SteakHut liquidity

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