ve JOE Farms

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SteakHut employs a number of yield-boosting strategies, to help you get the most out of your tokens!
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veJOE boosted Trader Joe Farms


Take advantage of SteakHut's veJOE supply with veJOE boosted farms. veJOE allows users to receive an increased allocation of $JOE emissions on their LP farming. Deposit your JLP tokens in SteakHut's veJOE boosted pools to receive higher yields paid in $JOE tokens.


15% performance fee
Fees can be adjusted between hard-coded ranges. The fees will be operated on a sliding scale from 3-20% which can be adjusted to ensure SteakHut delivers the best outcomes for users.
The fee is only applicable to rewards generated via veJOE boosting. The fee is acquired when rewards are harvested.
Fee Example:
User stakes: $1000 in JLP tokens
User yields: 20% (7% from LP, 3% from base rewards, 10% from veJOE rewards)
Over the course of 1 year, the user accrues $200 in JOE rewards. A 15% performance fee is acquired on the veJOE rewards, meaning the user accrues $30 in fees.
Earn BOOSTED $JOE rewards
Harvest rewards in real time
Ultra-low-cost performance fees