Emission Schedule

Updated emissions schedule

In response to a market trend of reducing token emissions, SteakHut has been actively involved by reducing $STEAK emissions to reduce inflationary pressures. As such the original emission schedule has been replaced by a new guide offering emissions until December 2025.

The emission schedule is subject to change depending on market conditions and should be treated as a guide only.

Emissions as of December 2022

As of December 2022, SteakHut reserves a little over 1,800,000 $STEAK tokens. Of these:

ยท 1,650,409 remain for Herd/bonus emissions

ยท 232,500 remain for treasury balance

We are currently emitting 0.01026 $STEAK per second (December 2022).

Updated Emission Guidelines

$STEAK emissions will continue to decrease with scheduled emissions until December 2025. Emissions will decrease at a rate of 5% per month for the next three years.

This updated emission guideline will greatly reduce inflationary pressure on the $STEAK token. From the emission schedule an additional 1,198,254 $STEAK remain. These tokens may be used for rush programs, LP emission incentives, excess emissions pending market conditions, or to further extend the emission guideline beyond 2025 as required.

Into the short-medium term SteakHut plans to continue incentivizing the STEAK-AVAX LP at an approximate rate of 30,000 $STEAK per month.


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