veJOE Boosted Farms

Unlock the highest Trader Joe rewards
SteakHut allows Trader Joe farmers to earn significantly boosted yields on their Trader Joe farming, with our veJOE boosted farms.
veJOE is a Trader Joe staking method that allows users to unlock higher rewards on their liquidity pool farming. The share of veJOE that a user owns, is what increases the user's farming rewards. The SteakHut Herd holds a large amount of veJOE, which is permanently blackholed. This allows the SteakHut protocol to provide large boosted yields for the SteakHut Herd.
With SteakHut users can receive veJOE boosted yields without having to stake their JOE and worry about accruing veJOE!

How to stake your JLP Tokens

On the SteakHut Dashboard Navigate to our Herd Boosted LPs
  1. 1.
    Select your desired pool from our large range of boosted pools
  2. 2.
    Expand the section using the blue arrow (top right corner)
  3. 3.
    Enter the quantity of JOE LP (JLP) tokens you would like to add to our boosted pools, then hit "stake". If you have no LP tokens you can create them using our LP Zapper.
  4. 4.
    Welcome to the Herd! Sit back and enjoy your boosted returns!
Note: If it is your first time using the platform, you may have to approve your JLP tokens for use with the contract by pressing the "Approve" button when prompted. After that transaction has been confirmed.

What are Trader Joe Farms?

With Trader Joe you can stake your LP tokens into farms to earn extra yield. Through yield farming not only will you continue to earn trading fees from the liquidity pool, but you can also earn extra rewards.
SteakHut allows you to receive extra yield on veJOE boosted farms.

veJOE Farm Fees

Performance Fee: 15%
The SteakHut protocol acquires a small performance fee from Boosted Liquidity Pools. Any JOE returns generated through SteakHut's boosted pools will be subject to the performance fee.

SteakHut's fees will operate on a sliding scale between 3-20% to ensure the best outcomes for the entire community!

Fees can be adjusted between hard-coded ranges. The fees will be operated on a sliding scale from 3-20%.
The performance fee will be utilized as follows:
  • Distributed to $STEAK-Holders (50%)
  • Distributed to JOE zappers to incentivize zapping (50%) initially Zappers will be incentivized with $STEAK emissions.
The 50/50 split is subject to change as the protocol matures.
Any special bonus tokens or assets acquired by the SteakHut protocol will be held by the community treasury and belong to STEAK-Holders (or deployed in marketing activities to boost the community).
Fee example:
User stakes: $1000 in JLP tokens
User yields: 20% (7% from LP, 3% from base rewards, 10% from veJOE rewards)
Over the course of 1 year, the user accrues $200 in rewards. A 6% performance fee is acquired on the veJOE rewards, meaning the user accrues $6 in fees.

Harvesting your rewards

Rewards on our veJOE boosted farms are accrued in real-time. You can harvest your rewards whenever you like by clicking harvest on the dApp.