Depositing your JLP Tokens

Start getting boosted returns!

On the SteakHut Dashboard Navigate to our Herd Boosted LPs

  1. Select your desired pool from our large range of boosted pools

  2. Expand the section using the blue arrow (top right corner)

  3. Enter the quantity of JOE LP (JLP) tokens you would like to add to our boosted pools, then hit "stake". If you have no LP tokens you can create them using our LP Zapper.

  4. Welcome to the Herd! Sit back and enjoy your boosted returns!

Note: If it is your first time using the platform, you may have to approve your JLP tokens for use with the contract by pressing the "Approve" button when prompted. After that transaction has been confirmed.

LP Portfolio Tools

Our cards show a lot of important information including:

· TVL (Total Value Locked): This is the total value in USD of all LP tokens currently enjoying our boosted yields.

· APR: APR demonstrates the estimated annual yields on the selected pool. This is calculated in real time and will fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the underlying pool trading volumes, our boost amounts and TVL across the pools.

By clicking on APR, you can see a full breakdown of yields:

· BASE APR: This is the base reward paid by the farm. This is paid in JOE tokens, it accrues in real-time and is collectable when you select harvest.

· BOOSTED APR: This is the boosted rewards paid which SteakHut offers through our large veJOE balance. This is paid in JOE tokens. It also accrues in real-time and is collectable when you select harvest.

· LP: The LP is the APR on the underlying liquidity pool, this is created from trading fees when investors use the liquidity pools and are distributed to liquidity providers.

By clicking on Pool Info, you can see some more helpful stats:

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