Depositing tokens into SteakHut liquidity

Automate and optimize your liquidity!

1) Head over to SteakHut's Liquidity pools and connect your wallet

Head on over to SteakHut's dApp at:

Select the "Connect" button in the top right corner, and approve your wallet to connect with SteakHut.

2) Select a pool to provide liquidity

On SteakHut Liquidity you can browse through pools, search for the tokens of your choosing, or order the pool options based on liquidity, APR, and rewards.

SteakHut Liquidity supports all V2 Trader Joe pools.

You can filter pools by name, liquidity, strategy, my liquidity, or APR. Or you can search for a pool by typing in a token pair.

Alternatively "My Pools" allows you to filter the liquidity pools by pools you are already deposited in.

3) Select a strategy

After choosing a pool to provide liquidity you can then choose an automated strategy to suit your needs.

Balanced: Capital is deployed in a bell graph (gaussian). This provides liquidity across a larger price range. During volatile markets, this strategy tends to outperform a concentrated strategy.

Concentrated: A concentrated liquidity structure offers a tighter concentration around the active price bin. This strategy can be seen as a more aggressive approach. During steady markets, this strategy tends to outperform a balanced strategy.

For more information on strategies, you can review structuring liquidity.

4) Enter the amount of each token to deposit

Liquidity pool deposits are dual-sided, which means users can deposit their tokens directly into the strategy in proportion to the assets in the vault.

In this screenshot, we see the WAVAX-USDC liquidity pool. When you type in the amount of either WAVAX or USDC to deposit, the UI will calculate how much of the other token you need to deposit to maintain the vault ratio.

5) Approve the contracts and deposit

If this is your first time using the SteakHut Liquidity vault your wallet will prompt you to approve the deposit of each of the tokens into the strategy.

LP Tokens

When providing liquidity into SteakHut Liquidity pools, users receive an ERC-20 vault receipt token. This represents your share of the vault strategy.

The Information tab allows you to add your LB Receipt Token to your wallet, and also view important fee information.

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