Fees and Rewards

SteakHut is your low-cost DeFi protocol.

SteakHut Fees

The SteakHut protocol acquires a small performance fee on our farms. SteakHut is built on making low-cost DeFi accessible to everyone.

Ensure to check the dApp for specific fee information related to your strategy.

What is the current SteakHut Performance Fee?

veJOE Boosted Farms: 15%

sJOE Auto-Compounder: 2.5%

Auto-Compounding Vaults: ∼4% (Check specific vault for exact fee breakdown)

What are the current SteakHut Liquidity fees?

Stable/Stable Pairs (ex USDC/USDT)= 5%

Pegged Pairs (ex WBTC.e-btc.b) = 5%

Non-Stable Pairs (ex AXAX/USDC)= 10-15%

Custom strategies = 10-20%

Ensure to check the dApp for the most up-to-date fee structure for a particular liquidity strategy.

For actively managed custom strategies the total fee is set between 10-20% as chosen by the strategist. This fee is then divided among the following:

SteakHut protocol fee = 77% of fee

Strategist = 12% of fee

Caller = 11% of fee

SteakHut's focus is on delivering low fees and large returns to liquidity providers. The fee will vary depending on the token pair and the pooling strategy you are deposited in.

For a fee breakdown on your strategy select "Information" on your strategy within the SteakHut dApp.

How do SteakHut Liquidity users earn rewards?

SteakHut Liquidity vaults pools earn trading fees for the underlying pool at a marked percentage as determined by Trader Joe (0.01%, 0.3%, 0.05%, etc.). Higher pool volumes (more trading activity) translate into more fees generated for the pool.

Users earn fees based on their proportional ownership of the pool. If a user owns 15% of a pool that earned $1,000 in fees that day, they would be expected to earn about $150 in fees, minus performance fees.

Rewards are auto-compounded in pools for greater returns and efficiency on compounding events. This is also when the performance fee is realized.

How are fees used?

SteakHut returns profits to STEAK-Holders. When rewards are accrued they are held in SteakHut's treasury and can be returned to STEAK-Holders in multiple ways:

  • Directly returned via STEAKING rewards

  • Returned via special Buy-Back programs

  • Reinvested into the protocol to further boost profits

veJOE Boosted Fees

The performance fee across veJOE Boosted farms will be utilized as follows:

  • Distributed to $STEAK-Holders (50%)

  • Distributed to JOE zappers to incentivize zapping (50%) initially Zappers will be incentivized with $STEAK emissions.

The 50/50 split is subject to change as the protocol matures.

Any special bonus tokens or assets acquired by the SteakHut protocol will be held by the community treasury and belong to STEAK-Holders (or deployed in marketing activities to boost the community).

SteakHut Rewards

SteakHut rewards users in a number of ways. You can learn about the different ways to earn yield below.

Liquidity Depositors

  • Receive up to 95% of revenue from swap rewards.

JOE LP Depositors

  • Receive up to 97% of our boosted protocol revenue in the form of JOE

  • Sliding scale fee from between 3% - 20% depending on TVL levels

hJOE Holders

  • Initial hJOE Holders will receive $STEAK Tokens

  • Over time users will be able to stake hJOE to receive ~50% of fee profits generated by veJOE pools


  • STEAK-Holders receive a revenue share from rewards realized by the SteakHut protocol

  • Capital returned in the form of revenue shares, and Airdrops, and buy-backs

  • Any excess profits acquired through SteakHut will be deposited into the STEAK-Holder treasury

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