How does SteakHut work?

SteakHut Liquidity

SteakHut Liquidity offers a very simple solution to automatically manage your tokens on Trader Joe's Liquidity Book (DEX V2).
Concentrated liquidity adds further complexities to providing liquidity. Users are now tasked with choosing a price range, and distribution type and manually rebalancing and reinvesting rewards.
SteakHut Liquidity automates this entire process. With SteakHut Liquidity users can stake their tokens and our smart contracts automate the liquidity management process to optimize your liquidity.

veJOE Boosted Pools

Accrue veJOE

With SteakHut, users are able to Zap their JOE to hJOE (Herd JOE). Once converted, the protocol automatically stakes it into Trader Joe's veJOE modular staking. By staking JOE, the platform accrues veJOE.

Boost Yields

Accruing veJOE allows SteakHut to offer attractive farming yields for the entire SteakHut Herd. By working together and using SteakHut's veJOE pools, SteakHut is able to achieve much higher yields for users than base farming with Trader Joe.
Users can deposit their LP tokens into SteakHut's boosted pools without having or Zapping any $JOE tokens.
The SteakHut platform, like other models, will charge a small performance fee on our pools. This will be operated on a sliding scale from 3-20% optimized for the best outcomes for our users. All fees will be returned 100% to the community.
The performance fee will be utilized as follows:
  • Retained for $STEAK-Holders and returned via Buy-Backs and profit shares (50%)
  • Distributed to JOE Zappers to incentivize Zapping (50%)
Initially, Zappers will be able to stake hJOE to receive $STEAK emissions instead of profit shares. As the protocol matures users will be able to stake hJOE and receive profit shares.
The profit share of fees will be split evenly between Zappers and STEAK-Holders. This split will be subject to change over time to better optimize the goals of the community.

Become a STEAK-Holder

$STEAK is the governance token for SteakHut Finance. Holders can receive returns through revenue share staking.
There are limited ways to become a STEAK-Holder:
  • Users can swap their tokens to $STEAK on the Trader Joe DEX
  • Users can bridge $STEAK cross-chain through the SteakHut dApp
  • Users who Zap their JOE into hJOE will receive $STEAK emissions
  • Through other limited special airdrops and promotional activities
Early JOE Zappers in the SteakHut protocol will be eligible for $STEAK emissions!