SteakHut for DEX V1 Pools

I'm Just here for boosted yields Ser!

With SteakHut users are able to deposit LP tokens and earn boosted yields, even without staking JOE!

Deposit your JLP Tokens with SteakHut and Earn:

With SteakHut’s large supply of veJOE thanks to the Herd’s hardworking JOE, users can take advantage of our boosted pools and utilize our veJOE for significantly boosted yields.

Yields are paid out in JOE tokens!

What are the Fees?

SteakHut's focus is on delivering low fees and large returns to JLP Depositors. This fee is variable between 3% - 20% and will depend on TVL and our competitor's rates. For more information refer to Fees and Rewards.

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