SteakHut for JOE Zappers

Zippity Zap!

With SteakHut users can convert their JOE into hJOE and join the SteakHut Herd so we can all enjoy boosted yields!

Zap your JOE for hJOE and Earn:

Emissions for JOE Zappers

Initial JOE Zappers will be eligible to receive $STEAK emissions for their contribution to the SteakHut Herd.

By Zapping your JOE early on, you may be set to earn passive income forever by receiving and staking $STEAK emissions!

$STEAK emissions are utilized to incentivize Zapping and reward our Zappers.

By becoming $STEAK-Holders, the initial JOE Zappers are eligible to receive profit shares from SteakHut fees.

Profit Share for JOE Zappers

As the SteakHut protocol matures we will be looking to move away from emissions and begin rewarding zappers with a direct profit share for staking their hJOE.

By staking their hJOE, JOE Zappers will be rewarded with a share of revenues generated by veJOE protocol fees.

The profit share will be paid out of revenues generated by the platform's veJOE performance fees. The fees will be operated on a sliding scale from 3-20% optimized for the best outcomes for LP depositors, Zappers, and STEAK-Holders alike.

The performance fee will be utilized as follows:

  • Distributed to $STEAK-Holders (50%)

  • Distributed to JOE zappers to incentivize zapping (50%) initially Zappers will be incentivized with $STEAK emissions.

The 50/50 split is subject to change as the protocol matures.

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