SteakHut Benefits

The Power of the SteakHut Herd!

Why Join the Herd?

Automate & optimize your concentrated liquidity
Choose from a diverse range of liquidity provisions
Significantly boosted Trader Joe farming yields
Lowest fees, highest returns
Automate your farming with compounding vaults

Diverse Liquidity Provisions

SteakHut offers a diverse selection of liquidity provisions across Trader Joe’s Liquidity Book. Managing concentrated liquidity is usually inefficient and costly for the average user, and even more so for projects who are tasked with the complexities of managing Protocol-Owned-Liquidity which can be quite time-consuming.
SteakHut simplifies and automates your liquidity management across a range of passive and managed liquidity provisions.

Lowest Fees, Highest Returns

SteakHut is a community focussed platform designed to deliver value back to our users. SteakHut is committed to bringing low-cost accessible DeFi options to Web3.
The remaining proportion of rewards are received by $STEAK, SteakHut's native token.

Automate your farming

SteakHut offers the lowest-fee auto compounding vaults on Avalanche. Stake your token to automate your farming, rewards are automatically harvested and reinvested into the strategy to grow your deposit. Gas fees are socialized amongst vault users.