Redeeming Rewards

Bringing home the bacon!

Once a reward is ready to redeem the 'Harvest' button will become enabled on the UI.

You can harvest your rewards at any time by clicking harvest and approving with your wallet.

Rewards are mirrored from what the SteakHut protocol receives from boosted Trader Joe pools with APR re-calculating each time rewards are redeemed.

Rewards are paid out in JOE tokens!

Staking and unstaking also redeems your rewards and protocol rewards for the underlying SteakHut Voter Contract.

This means every time you stake further JLP tokens your rewards will be automatically harvested and sent to your wallet address.

Rewards can be redeemed after each transaction occurs through the protocol. Hence, if you have just staked you will either need to wait until someone else stakes or unstakes for your rewards to calculate. This has been done so we can bring you your rewards faster than other protocols!

You will receive the full rewards minus any protocol fees each time a reward is paid

Our APRs are displayed net of fees, meaning what you see is what you get!

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