$STEAK is SteakHut's governance token and represents ownership in the SteakHut Protocol. It is a deflationary token. Holders will be eligible for buy-backs and dividends.


Someone that holds $STEAK

The Herd

The SteakHut's powerful collective community. The Herd works together so we can all enjoy boosted yields.


Trader Joe's governance token


Herd JOE (hJOE) are JOE tokens that have been Zapped with SteakHut. hJOE holders are eligible to receive $STEAK emissions initially followed by profit shares generated by the protocol.


Trader Joe's veTokenomic staking system. Stake JOE into veJOE to earn veJOE overtime, and receive boosted JOE Farm rewards and governance over veJOE.


Annual Percentage Yield, is the normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period over one year.


Trader Joe LPs, or JLP tokens are the tokens received when providing liquidity on Trader Joe.


Total Value Locked is the dollar amount of all LP deposits staked in the SteakHut protocol.

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